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Wildform Releases Flix WebM Video Encoder
It allows you to encode video into the new WebM format
Best of all IT'S FREE!!!
May 19, 2010 Los Angeles, CA – Wildform, Inc. today announced the release of Flix WebM, a new video encoding product that encodes video into the new WebM video format. The release coincides with Google's announcement of the WebM project at Google I/O today. WebM uses the VP8 codec, originally developed by On2 Technologies, which Google recently acquired.

WebM is an open web media project that utilizes VP8, a high performance video codec optimized for the web. WebM offers many benefits for developers, publishers and end users including the fact that: it is royalty free, it's designed to provide high-quality video across resolutions, bitrates and multiple systems, it's efficient (which reduces power consumption), and it's optimized for Internet and network video delivery.

"We released the first version of Flix in 2000," noted Wildform CEO, Jonathan Blank, "and now we've released the latest version of Flix with an exciting new codec that is expanding the web media experience for everyone."

Wildform invites everyone to download a free copy of Wildform Flix WebM at

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Founded in 1999, Wildform is an innovative developer of multimedia presentation and e-learning software. They created Flix, the first Flash video encoding software. In addition to Flix, their other products include the award-winning Flash video presentation software, Flair. Wildform technology has also been licensed to companies such as Sony, Autodesk, Quark, Adobe and On2. For more information, visit:
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